Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Irish Day

Boulevard Irish Ale six packs are hitting Kansas City store shelves today. Irish is many people's favorites but today is bittersweet for me because it means Nutcracker won't be around much longer. You better stock up on Nutcracker and get your first Irish today. Irish Ale is probably the quickest seasonal to sell through so get it while you can.


  1. Doesn't matter on Nutcracker, pretty much everywhere in the downtown/midtown area has been sold out of it for 2 weeks already.

    Did I also hear that Irish was going to be available in 12 packs this year?

  2. It's true. Irish Ale is available in 12 packs.

  3. Step One: KC Beer Blog readers stake out Boulevard HQ and on Nutcrack Release Day buy a pallet straight from brewery.

    Step Two: ??

    Step Three: Profits

  4. I would say that the 12pks should be out by week end.