The Trader Joe's Exemption

A prospective business known for selling cheap beer and wine is seeking an exemption to laws that restrict liquor licenses near residential areas. There should be no exemption made, the law should be repealed. Trader Joe's is the prospective business in this case, so the city of Kansas City is going to bend over backwards to change the rules for their real masters, the corporate class.

Mind you, I want Trader Joe's to be in Kansas City. The location in question is less than 10 minutes from my house. But, I don't think the city should give them an exemption from a law that has probably prevented many a local small businessman to scrap his plans. There should be no expemption, the law should be repealed.

Before you say, but Trader Joe's is good for the community, they'll bring more tax dollars to town. Well, that's probably true, but it's also true that their are many street corners in town with 4 empty storefronts on a corner. It would be good for the tax base if one of those empty storefronts was occupied with a business selling wine and liquor. Unfortunately, the type of businessperson likely to open such a storefront isn't going to be a corporation with thousands of dollars to give to city council members and lawyers. No, that businessman is just told no and must figure out some other business to own in that spot. There should be no exemption, the law should be repealed.

Laws should either be binding to everyone, or to no one. Giving the city council the tools to give exemptions to laws also gives them the tools for grift. There should be no exemption, the law should be repealed. To say otherwise is to wish for a city council bought and paid for by Wal-Mart, DST, H&R Block and AEG.

Keep this in mind when you Kansas Citians are calling your council members to get them to do something. There should be no exemption, the law should be repealed.

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