Sam the Sixth Glass Man

At the end of Monday's episode of "Brew Masters" I thought I noticed a bottle of Sixth Glass sitting on Sam's desk. I paused the show, got up and walked to the TV to get a closer look to verify it being Sixth Glass. I didn't think it was, the font on what would say Sixth Glass looked different and the picture of the Sixth Glass man didn't seem the same. Then last night Paul A. Ner posted the same picture I looked at and when I blow it up it definitely looks like the Sixth Glass man on the picture but the lettering still doesn't look right to me. The bottle just doesn't look like it says Sixth Glass to me, but it doesn't look like any other beer so I'd say I'm 85% sure it's Sixth Glass. Anyway, here's the picture, let us know what you think. Also note the sockless Pony look.

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