Dance Day

Boulevard's Harvest Dance is hitting store shelves today in the big bottles. It won't be available in the Li'l Smokie size this year. It's coming out a week later than I would have liked this year because it's a perfect beer for Thanksgiving. But, that's not important today, because it's out now. The wait is over.

I really like Harvest Dance and stored some from last year. We had an aged bottle at the last Gents meeting and the aging actually made it better and more mellow. I'm going to buy them 2 at a time this year so I can store one for each one I drink.

Harvest Dance is also going to hit some taps this year so look for it in your favorite beer bar. There's a good chance your bar of choice will have it if they had Two Jokers on tap. Let us know in comments where you see it on tap or where you find it in the liquor stores. Time to dance.

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