Black Tie Event

Most of Kansas City set out this evening to celebrate the 21st Anniversary of Boulevard's initial voyage to Ponak's. While my original intentions involved some 21st Anniversary Fresh Hop in a commemorative pint glass at the Flying Saucer, things took a much more formal tone as the night went on.

You see, when you grow an epic Movember moustache and hang out with Kansas City's infamous bare-back brothers, you can't help but end up with some of the best beers in the world on your table. You may see the price tag on a beer like this and scoff. As someone who dropped money on a bottle of Utopias, I was reluctant to have anything to do with this beer. As someone who hates barrel-aged beers, I was ready to write this off completely. For the love of god, find this beer and get it into your body as soon as humanly possible.

The official description of Mikkeller Black Tie is an imperial stout brewed with honey and aged in scotch barrels. At just around 11%, it will almost get you to the Four Loko zone. It's the type of beer that causes a man to stop drinking for the night because nothing else can compete. Drinking Mikkeller Black Tie is a lot like going to high school prom. It's a strapping young male. You're looking to have a magical night while not coming off like too much of a whore. Then it just happens. You lock lips and know you are about to be ruined.

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