The Worst Beer in the World

Ratebeer, a place for beer geeks to put a number rating on beers, has compiled a list of the worst beers in the world. I must say that I don't really disagree with the list. I was a little surprised that ice beers were handily represented. Ice and dry beers were especially prevalent when I was in college and I had my fair share of them.

Looking at this list must be like a retired teacher looking at a list of his worst students ever. Or it's like an old FBI agent looking at a list of the worst criminals he apprehended in his career. Or it's like a 35 year old Tri-Delt looking back on her list of drunken sex partners her sophomore year of college (it's only 50 beers long).

In case you don't want to click the link, the worst beer, ranked by Ratebeer's brand of beer geeks, is Olde English 800 3.2. Bud Light is 12, Coors Light is 32 and Miller Lite is 49. Pale lagers and malt liquors made up 92% of the list with the remaining 8% being frui/vegetable beers. It seems to me that Ratebeer's users may enjoy teeing off on pale lagers because it's really pretty easy. Pale lagers are to beer geeks what the goth kids are to high school football players. There is no way that Miller Lite is the 49th worst beer in the world. If it is, beer must be really great and hard to screw up.

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