Seeyoulator Today

Boulevard Seeyoulator is going to hit liquor store shelves in the KC area today (you may have been able to find them yesterday).

I was lucky enough to receive an advance bottle from the fine folks at Boulevard and drank it Sunday. Dopplebocks aren't my cup of tea, but the Seeyoulator is enjoyable. The cedar flavor in it adds just enough flavor to the heavy malt to make it enjoyable. I know Seeyoulator is at least a little anticipated because I teased about it on Twitter a couple of times over the weekend and got several responses asking where I got it.

While we're talking about Boulevard, I would be remiss if I didn't link to the KC Star article about local food and beverage collaborations. The article created a bit of a tizzy with at least one hockey jersey wearing beer blogger because John McDonald expressed his unsire (shutup, I can make up words if I want to) to collaborate with Roasterie on a coffee stout. McDonald rightly says there are too many coffee stouts out there. In my opinion 90% of those coffee stouts aren't very good. McDonald doesn't like fruit beers either (is coffee fruit? it comes from beans. are beans fruit? if they're not, why aren't they?). He's built a pretty big brewery based on his tastes, I think it's okay if he doesn't brew what he doesn't like. Several months ago Paul A. Ner put together a list of some collaborations he'd like to see.

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