O'Fallon Black Hemp

O'Fallon Brewery of the east side of Missouri is adding a winter seasonal, O'Fallon Black Hemp. Apparently the fellas over at O'Fallon like working with hemp seeds since this is the second beer featuring hemp seeds in their lineup, Hemp Hop Rye is the other. Black Hemp is a black ale with a lot going on with Munich malt, 2 varieties of rye and golden naked oats with Citra and Amarilla hops in addition to the hemp seed. I'm no brewer but that seems like a bunch of diverse ingredients and may be hard to blend. But, if they get it right, it could be fabulous.

O'Fallon Black Hemp Ale will be available in sixers and on draft (though, I expect that will be quite limited in KC) around mid-January. Seems like a great beer to welcome in the cold of January and February.

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