KU - K-State Rivarly Party

I went to Wichita State after Lew Perkins killed our football program, we never had a real fall homecoming because of having no football (we had something called Shocktoberfest though, so that kinda made up for no football, okay, no it didn't). We never had a rivalry week or excitement on the campus on fall Saturdays. One time, probably in 1994, both KU and K-State were pretty good so a friend and I traveled up to Lawrence to party at our fraternity chapter at KU after the game. We were introduced to just what utter and total douches KU fraternity guys could be. I threw up after attempting my first (and only) keg stand, we hit on some KU basketball and volleyball players and we didn't pay for a damn thing. We even almost made it back for classes the next day (the game was a Thursday night televised night game). Aside from being at MU on MU-KU rivalry week, that is my only experience with college football.

So far this year I've maintained my nearly 20 year long streak of not watching an entire college football game. It's not that I don't enjoy college football, it's just that I don't care about it. But, I know a bunch of people do, mostly K-State fans because KU fans only care about appearances and wouldn't be caught dead rooting for a crappy football team. So for all of those people, Boulevard and Fox Sports Midwest will be holding a little shindig at Boulevard's home away from home, the Oread Hotel in Lawrence, to pregame before the KU-K-State football game on October 14th. Fans are encouraged to wear their school's gear and the party will be shown on Rivalries Live, the Fox pregame show. Doors open at 3:30 and Boulevard Amber, Pale Ale and Bob's 47 will be on tap as well as aluminum Boulevard Wheat bottles. The party will be on the 9th floor terrace of the Oread.

While we're on the subject of Boulevard, it seems some people are having trouble finding Seeyoulator around town. My favorite store Tipsy's has had it readily available for a couple of days, but not everyone's been so lucky. If you've seen it around town, let us know where in comments. The dopplebock fans thank you.

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