KC Beerfest Four

KC Beerfest will be returning to the Legends for a fourth installment of the event in KCK this Saturday starting at 2PM. The Beerfest came under fire back in May when they held their first event in the Westport area and all but a few local breweries' beers were gone in a drunken flash. Some argued that the Beerfest shouldn't be put under such scrutiny since it is a charity event, but those people obviously weren't looking to get tanked like the angry masses were. It appears as though the people associated with KC Beerfest took the criticism to heart and are coming back armed with a plan to succeed.

First of all, there will be new glasses (pictured right). I'm not sure if the red line will be there or not on the actual glasses, but there is a solid chance of it due to the pouring restrictions being implemented. That's right, 2oz pours will be the standard, which puts the Beerfest more in line with an actual tasting event rather than a drunken afternoon with random fights and people urinating off of three-story parking garages. Speaking of, the event has been moved to a ground-level parking area that can only aid the flow of people moving between sample tables and the gauntlet of portable toilets.

While I can appreciate the pour restrictions in an effort to maximize the number of samples from beers with limited supplies, I'd like to see the Beerfest try to bring in more rare beers that warrant being strung along as far as possible. If you've been to a KC Beerfest event before, you've probably had the chance to drink most of the beers available on Saturday. Apparently, there will be specific maps at the event that point out the beers with the shortest supply, so you'll want to show up early with your running shoes if there's something you really want to get. You may also want to use those shoes to run away from Green Mountain Beverage's table if their limited release is Pumpkin Cider. Nothing really jumps out to me as a must try when I look at the current listing. Curiosity will probably lead me to High Noon Saloon and their Oregon Trail Raspberry Wheat. Desire will lead me to hang out at the Boulevard area in hopes of a nutsac(k) sighting.

Since this is 2 days before the event, a ticket is pretty much going to cost you $30 at the door. Designated Driver tickets are $10 and include a chair massage and some Jones Soda. You might as well check it out if you've got nothing better to do. The time corresponds with the Nebraska/Texas game, so a number of douchebags are already eliminated from the equation. If it sucks, there are worse things to do with $30 than donate to charity.

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