Tour de BBQ

I've written it before, but there is nothing better after physical labor than barbecue and beer. The Tour de BBQ combines these 3 elements and promises to be a great time.

The Tour de BBQ is a nice bike ride (15, 30 or 60 miles) with pit stops at some of the greatest barbecue restaurants in town; Oklahoma Joe's, Fiorella's Jack Stack, Smokestack, Hayward's, Gates and Spin! Pizza (I know, not barbecue, but they will have a Tour de BBQ pizza for the event). This will be a bit of a ride obviously, going from the Power and Light District south all the way to Corporate Woods and back (routes have not been finalized), but with pit stops along the way, filling up on 'cue, even novice riders should be able to make it (at least the 15 mile ride). For the effort, you get barbecue at all the restaurants, a t-shirt, Boulevard and a big concert (the "national" act will be announced in a week or so UPDATE: The band is Smash Mouth) in the Power and Light Living Room.

Also, the whole thing benefits the Lance Armstrong Foundation and The University of Kansas Cancer Center. Registration is $40 for the 15 mile ride, $45 for the 30 and $55 for the 60. I don't have enough confidence that I can ride 60 miles in one day, so I'll be doing the 30 mile ride. The ride happens on LiveStrong Day, October 2 with a staggered start at 7:30 AM. This sounds like a great time to me, but I like bike riding. If you don't and you still want to take part they do need volunteers and do take donations. If you'd like to ride with me (at my pace) let me know in comments or email me.

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