Raspberry Glee

I make no secret that I love the show "Glee". I'm not embarrassed by that. It's no "Dawson's Creek" on the teen drama front, but not much is. "Glee" is one of the few shows we watch the night it's on in the Vard Mansion. That's high praise. What embarrasses me about "Glee" is when I fast forward through the last set of commercials and I see we've reached the 50 minute mark of the show I think to myself, I sure hope they sing another song before it ends. Oh, it's also a little embarrassing that I identify most with Tina Cohen-Chang on the show.

Like "Glee" I'm not embarrassed by the fact that I like fruit beers, especially raspberry beers. I love raspberry beers as I'm sure regular readers know. What does embarrass me about my raspberry beer love is the fact that I let out a noticeable happy squeal when I see a new one at the liquor store. That squeal happened at Tipsy's yesterday when I saw the Crown Valley Raspberry Wheat beer.

Needless to say I bought the sixer of Crown Valley Raspberry Wheat, I played the squeal of delight off on the other sixer I purchased, Great Divide Rumble (I's got some stuff to say about it too, check back later). As I was being rung up some salesman from a beer distributor (he was an icky Broncos fan) noted that the Raspberry Wheat was Crown Valley's best beer. At the time, I thought maybe this was damning with faint praise. I've had the Crown Valley Pale Ale before and while it's not bad by any means, it's noticeably worse than Boulevard Pale Ale and I've never felt the need to pick up another sixer of it.

It was a long afternoon wait to crack the Raspberry Wheat open. 6 hours of anticipation only made it go down a little better. The raspberry wasn't overdone like the Schlafly Raspberry Hefeweizen, it was rather faint. This would have been fine with me if the wheat brought any kind of flavor, but it didn't. It's an easy drinking beer but doesn't really have a tremendous amount of flavor. That being said, I did enjoy it but mostly because it did have a raspberry flavor that wasn't too tart nor too sweet. If I were going to drink a six pack of something fruity, this would be what I would choose. I'm not embarrassed to say I'll buy more and I'm happy that I don't have to do a girly squeal the next time I see it.

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