Labels Approved for Boulevard Little Smokies

Saint Louis' Wine and Cheese Place has confirmed that Boulevard has gotten approval for their 12oz Smokestack labels. It looks like the labels will be almost exactly the same, just smaller and with "12 FLUID OUNCES" in the lower left.

You may remember earlier this summer we heard from Steven Pauwels that Boulevard is looking to release 4-packs of 12oz Smokestack beers this November. The image I lifted from the Wine and Cheese Place blog is of the Double-Wide IPA. I could be wrong but I remember hearing that Sixth Glass, Tank 7 and Dark Truth (?) were the other Smokestacks making it into the custom Boulevard branded 12oz bottles (similar to New Belgium's bottles).

We've taken to calling the 12oz Smokestack beers Little Smokies, I'm hoping the name sticks. I'm also hoping Dark Truth is indeed one of the beers chosen because it'll mean one of two things. Either Dark Truth is going to be a year round Smokestack, or one of the Little Smokey spots is reserved for a seasonal Smokestack beer.

I haven't heard anything about the release date changing so I'd still expect these to hit shelves sometime in November. If I had to guess at a price point I'd have to say $12.99 to $14.99 since they're essentially twice as much beer as a 750 Smokestack, but with more packaging... That's all speculation on my part, so I guess we'll have to wait until November to find out.

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