Free Beer Wednesday

Budweiser, our land's biggest beer, is giving away free 6-12 oz. samples starting Wednesday. Because of our land's hundreds of different liquor laws, details are sketchy as to where you can actually get these free samples. My guess is, not in Kansas. You may have some "luck" in Missouri.

I propose, instead of going on a wild Bud chase, you go out to a bar and buy the cheapest craft beer draft they have. You'll be out $2-$3, but you'll be supporting a product that can use your support much more than Budweiser, part of an international behemoth of a company, does. Plus, you'll enjoy your beer much more. Go to McCoy's or 75th Street Brewery and try one of their home brewed beers. If you don't want to go to a bar, stop by your local liquor store and pick up a sixer of Boulevard Pilsner, Dundee Honey Brown, Schlafly No. 15 or Shiner Oktoberfest. All 3 of those beers are superior to Budweiser and only $1-$2 more expensive for a sixer.

A free beer is no reason to turn your back on a better quality product. If somebody wants to give you a Bud for free, go ahead and drink it, but then go ahead and order a craft beer.

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