Boulevard 21

The speculation started last year when Boulevard did virtually nothing for their 20th anniversary. Most breweries of a certain age do anniversary beers every year.  That's when I first heard a rumor of a 21st anniversary brew. It's legend grew, I would get an email every couple of weeks from people I don't know. The emails would say there's a 21st anniversary beer in a secret room at the brewery aging. I never found any of those emails credible but I did believe in the idea that they would have a 21st anniversary brew.

My suspicions were confirmed this morning by reading a little something on the Boulevard website (go ahead and click the link, your reward is a picture of a bunch of brewers in shorts). The brewers brewed a 21st anniversary beer  a paean to Pale Ale, the flagship Boulevard beer. It was on November 17, 1989 that John McDonald trucked the first keg of Pale Ale down the street to Ponaks and tapped it.  The 21 will be an extreme version or an imperial pale ale. The brewers did their work on Saturday with some special malt ordered for the occasion with 5 different types of hops. In the coming weeks the beer will be wet hopped with 500 pounds of Cascade hops.

The anniversary beer will be released in November and should be greatly anticipated.

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