75th Street is Amost Legal

75th Street Brewery is celebrating their 17th anniversary next week August 23rd - 29th. But if you stop in this week you can get a scratch card and maybe win a pint glass or some food or a new car. Okay, they're not really giving away a car. But, I won a couple of pint glasses 2 years ago so winning something is possible. Plus, I think you can fill out your beer bracket this week which will give you the opportunity to guess what will be the most popular beer during the week or month (I don't remember the rules).

As for anniversary week, check out the flyer to the right to find some events that meet your standards for a visit to the ole brewpub (I have it on good authority that the KC famous DLC will be attending the Wednesday bluegrass show). We should have a good couple of weeks where it's not as hot as Satan's beard to enjoy the new Alley at 75th Street (the outdoor patio). If you're lucky maybe you'll see friend of the blog, The Scout, and she can provide you with a Sharpie tattoo.

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