Thursday, July 1, 2010

Charlie Fred and Ken's Bock

The newest Sierra Nevada 30th anniversary brew has hit the shelves in KC. This one, Charlie Fred and Ken's Bock is an Imperial Helles Bock and should be a welcome addition to any 4th of July or Canada Day celebration. I'll be celebrating Canada Day with a glass or 3 of it tonight.

I found mine at Lukas on 119th. Let us know where you're finding it so your fellow beer travelers can have a good holiday weekend as well.


  1. Will check my normal place on the way home. Probably need to drink my Fritz and Ken's before this tho.

  2. Tipsy's has a decent supply of this one. I was in the other night and observed a case on the premises. However, I suspect that this brew will be way more available than the Ken and Fritz Stout. Helles Bock vs. Stout...