Scottish Highland Games this weekend

Did you know Kansas City had it's own Scottish Highland Games? Me neither... I can't decided whether that makes me a bad Kansas Citian or a worse Scotsman. I'll go with horrible Scotsman since I don't think I'm even the slightest bit Scottish. I can't do the accent and I've never sat through all of Braveheart. Nonetheless, I plan on doing a bit of penance this weekend as I partake in more Scottish activities than I probably should.

Kansas City's Scottish Highland Games is a three day long event full of bagpipes, kilts, bagpipes and even KILTS!!! There's an extensive list of Scottish themed bands and sporting events going on in Riverside this year. What caught my attention was that it was within stumbling distance of Riverside Red X (the best pseudo-truck stop liquor store in the metro) and it's the only place in Kansas City you'll be able to find Schlafly 80 Shilling. That's right, Schlafly is going to be in attendance and they're bringing kegs of their 80 Shilling Ale, some seasonal Scotch Ale and probably a few other beers.

Not big on dudes in kilts throwing stones and telephone poles around but you still wanna enjoy a Schlafly 80 Shilling? Not a problem, it sounds like there is plenty going on to entertain the rest of the family while you drink yourself Scottish at either the Schlafly booth or the Whisky tasting on Saturday. There is a mead workshop, "live steel sword fight," wool weaving seminars and something called "Uncle Dirty Toes."

The highlight of the event, for me, has to be Dan Kopman's Scottish brewing history seminar. Kopman, Vice President of the Saint Louis Brewery, used to work for Young's in London and spent several years in Scotland. I plan on grabbing a pint or two of 80 Shilling and learning about the Scottish brewing tradition. It sounds like as good a way as any to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Tickets to the Highland Games are $10 for Friday and Sunday, $15 on Saturday. Kopman's Scottish Brewing talk will be held at 2:30 on Sunday, just after the amateur telephone pole throwing competition.

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