Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Well, it was some hard work bringing 2 cases of the finest beers available in Texas and not in Kansas and Missouri the 500 miles so I can drink them at home, but we got it done. It wasn't as impressive as the Bandit and Snowman, but the haul was a hell of a lot better than 300 cases of Coors. The Shiner Smokehaus was only included because I was hot down there, I think Mercury has cooler days than what I was subjected to down there. In any case, I won't be getting to Tipsy's anytime soon as I have a fridge full of Stone, Dogfish Head and Real Ale sixers to polish off.


  1. Eastbound and down! Nice haul. Couldn't find any Green Flash eh? I found the first sixer I've seen (West Coast IPA) on Sunday. Big, hoppy beer. Quite nice. Not to rub in in but I'm enjoying one now. That was the only Green Flash Central Market had, but I'm on the lookout for more.

    Since I've been down here, I've been trying to find a Texas brewery I can love, Rahr and St. Arnold: not so much. (Interested to know how the Rahr tour went for you.) Real: good but not a knockout. Firemans: I've only had the "4", so the jury is out. But in addition to the Green Flash, I picked up a four pack of Southern Star ( Buried Hatchet Stout and Pine Belt Pale Ale (both in cans) and I think I've found my brewery. Big, flavorful and quite drinkable. Recommend you have some sent up soon.

    Interested in hearing more about your trip. Need to know what I need to check out or avoid.

  2. I didn't see any Green Flash and we didn't make it to the Flying Saucer so I never got to try it.

    The Yucatan Taco Stand was fabulous, my wife and sister in law wanted to go back the next day and my brother in law and I tried to but missed the kitchen closing by 5 minutes. It's not often I try to go someplace 2 days in a row, but we did it with Yucatan.

    Rahr is in a very bad neighborhood and it was still under construction. I had my kids with me when we were getting into town and didn't feel like waiting around for my scheduled meeting. I heard it's a pretty fun little tour when they do it on Saturdays so you may try it when they open up again.

    I also tried someplace called Gloria's Mexican Restaurant out in Frisco by the Frisco ballpark. I gathered that there were several of these in town. I tried a pupusa and it was awful. The complimentary black bean dip was decent. The lime juice I had wasn't that great, I'm not sure why they called it a margarita.

    The Real Ale 4 Firemen was quite popular, I had to get a second sixer of it on Monday.

  3. I'll be avoiding Gloria's. As far as local chains go, El Fenix is pretty good. Only been to the location in Addison, but they've been around forever and I hear they are pretty consistent.

    I was up in Frisco Tuesday, but hit Kenny's Burger Joint instead of Yucatan because I had the twins with me and I'm not about to deal with their first spicy food experience without help. Had the Patty Melt. One of the two best burgers I've had in Dallas so far. I'll pack the boy's lunch next time I'm up there so I can hit Yucatan. Hell, I could have done it Saturday since I was golfing in Frisco. Damn!

    Central Market is the only place I've found Green Flash so far. says there's one in FW that has a good selection, although not having been there, I can't say if they carry GF. If your brother-in-law visits you this summer, see if he can't bring you some. It's worth whatever minor favor you have to grant him. If not, you'll have to drive 9 hours to kick my ass for being wrong.

    FW is a haul from where I live just North of downtown Dallas, so I'll have to pick up another Rahr sixer to see if the tour is worth the trip and missing a Saturday afternoon of golf. Interesting note: My new favorite Texas brewery, Southern Star, uses Rahr's malts. Kind of reminds me of the BevBuy/Flying Monkey situation.

    Also, next time you're in the ICT, be sure to hit Dolce & Joe's. It's in the old College Hill Taco Tico on Douglas. Good burgers, and the BEST sweet potato fries I've ever had (and I LOVE sweet potato fries.) Tip: get the salt & pepper, not the cinnamon and sugar.

    Drop me a line on FB the next time you make it down here to the heat and humidity capital of the US. With a couple week's notice I can scout out what you're looking for, as free time is at a premium when traveling with the fam.

  4. Let me get this straight: Texas gets Stone, Dogfish Head, AND Brooklyn? Guess we are flyover country. Hell, Stone is even available in NY--had the Arrogant Bastard on tap yesterday.

  5. The brooklyn pennant is good stuff.

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