Monday, April 26, 2010

Anchor Brewing sold to investment group

You've all seen Anchor Steam, you've probably all had a pint or two of it. Most of you probably even know the story of Fritz Maytag, heir to Old Man Maytag's washer and dryer fortune. Maytag bought the fledgling Anchor Brewery in 1965 and became a legend in the craft beer world. I never quite got why people revere him so much (he seemed like a complete dweeb in Michael Jackson's Beer Hunter), but I can respect a guy who was in craft beer before there was craft beer. Say what you will about Anchor Steam, but I actually like their Porter. Anyway, Fritz decided to get out of the beer business today. After 45 years at the helm of Anchor Brewing, Fritz Maytag is turning the keys to the shop over to The Griffin Group.

This evil sounding investment group is made up of Skyy Vodka veterans and owns the US distribution rights to UK based BrewDog, makers of Tactical Nuclear Penguin and Sink the Bismarck. The Griffin Group, unsurprisingly, says they are a committed to growing the Anchor brand and blah, blah, marketing and blah, blah, mind share...

So enjoy that Fritz and Ken's you've got in your fridge, it'll probably be your last.


  1. God save the King, the King is dead. Long live the King....

  2. I look forward to not enjoying steam beer long into the future under the new regime.

  3. Hopefully this will be for the best. These are marketing masters and Anchor has clearly been in need of a rebranding. Since this isn't a conglom-o purchasing, I'm not too concerned.