Friday, March 5, 2010

Free State in a Slave State

Free State Brewing is now available on taps in Missouri. The Flying Saucer is calling first on tapping their Free State kegs (Ad Astra, Oatmeal Stout and Stormwatch are on tap). Grinders will also have several Free State brews on tap starting today. I imagine other good beer bars like Harry's Country Club, Waldo Pizza and Swagger will follow suit soon if not already. For all of the Missouri folks who are adamantly anti-Kansas, Free State beer may soften your feelings towards the sunflower state.

Call it out in comments where you're seeing it on tap in Missouri and feel free to throw out any anti-KU rhetoric if you feel the need.


  1. Tried and true...can't spell cock-sucker without KU

  2. With tobacco spit down both sides of the '87 F150, Jim knew that the MU football player finally had a girlfriend.

  3. Free State also available on tap at The Riot Room, All Star Pizza, The Well, and the Foundry. It should also be flowing at Waldo Pizza and the Levee now or very soon.