Tallgrass & Tapas

Next Tuesday, February 23rd, Wil Jenny's will be hosting a Tallgrass Tapas Beer Dinner. Nothing quite accompanies beer from rural-ish Kansas like some genuine Texas cuisine.

Tallgrass (Manhattan, KS) will be featuring their four year-round beers along with their summer seasonal, Kold. Actually, Kold may even be year-round now, I have to say it's not something I really look for on the shelves. I'm kind of upset that the Wheat course does not involve a hot dog, since it features hints of the water leftover in a package of Ballparks. I kid. Not really.

Royal Cheuvront, Executive Chef for Wil Jenny's, looks to have prepared a nice menu to accompany the beers. I've only been to Wil Jenny's once and wasn't overly impressed, which may have more to do with my hatred of Texas than food quality. Ribs marinated in Dr Pepper is not something I pursue, but you totally should.

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