Schlafly Imperial Stout Tapping and Vertical Tasting at Waldo Pizza

You've probably seen Schlafly's Imperial Stout at the liquor store before. It comes in a 750ml bottle packaged in a brown box labeled "Schlafly Reserve." If that's as close as you've ever come to having the Imperial Stout then you're definitely missing out. I won't drop any spoilers, but it's over ten percent alcohol and was aged in bourbon barrels.

It's been about a year since I've had my first bottle of this Imperial Stout, so I got really excited when I heard Schlafly's Gary Briggs is bringing a keg of it to Waldo Pizza tomorrow night. That's not all though, as if a keg of bourbon barrel aged Imperial Stout isn't enough to get you down to Waldo, consider this - they're doing a vertical tasting of the '06, '07 and '08 Imperial Stouts as well... Still not convinced it'll be worth the price of admission? What if I told you there was no cover, no tickets, and no reservations necessary? Maybe it's just me, but this sounds like a like a great way to guarantee a Thursday morning hangover.

Sure, it's a Wednesday night and it's Waldo... but it's not often you have a genuinely good excuse to drink this much Stout in one place.

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