Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Boulevard has released the bottle design for the newest Smokestack Series beer, Collaboration No. 1. As covered before, it is an imperial pilsner that sprang from a collaboration between Boulevard's head brewer Steven Pauwels and Orval's head brewer Jean-Marie Rock. Still no word on when this will be released.

Tank 7 still hasn't made its way into retail outlets yet, it should be any day now. Stay tuned to The KC Beer Blog for Tank 7's release to stores.

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  1. Talked to the guy at Gomers Lenexa. Tank 7 was supposed to come in today, but the distributor cock blocked them and said it would be next Tuesday. He also didn't put it past the distributor to lie and delay it some more. The reason? They have too much of the old Saison in their warehouse.