The only thing scarier than the Karaoke was the beer

Like most red blooded 'mericans, I too went to a Halloween party this weekend. It wasn't a terribly big to-do, just some friends in ridiculous costumes eating, drinking and carrying on. We arrived at the party just in time to catch the first round of SingStar '90s Edition. For those of you who are unfamiliar, it's basically karaoke on the Playstation 2 with your favorite hits from the '90s, like Chumbawamba and Chumbawamba... Honestly, you haven't lived until you've heard Tubthumping sung by grown man dressed as Tweedledum.

As you can imagine, I was ready to hit the ground running. The host of this shindig had a nice basement bar where everyone was congregating near the tap. Great, a keg! I tried not to get my hopes up but there was a Boulevard Wheat taphandle so without even asking what beer they had I reached for a plastic cup and got down to business. But of course there was no Boulevard keg... this was Bud Light. Awesome...

It was about this time that Sixpense None the Richer came up on the karaoke and I was transported to another time and place. That time and place was college. Before I knew it we were playing cards and yelling out orders to drink. After more Bud Lights than I care to admit, I remember that I'd brought a beer of my own with me. Actually, it was part of my costume. I went as a member of the Dharma Initiative from Lost. Part of my costume was a bottle of Left Hand Sawtooth that I slapped a Dharma logo on.

In the pantheon of great beers Left Hand's Sawtooth Ale is placed in the back corner, kinda by the bathroom. It's not my favorite beer, but tonight it was a lifesaver. Given the choice between an ice cold Bud Light and a slightly warmer than room tempurature ESB, I'm gonna take the ESB. If you've never had Left Hand's Sawtooth, it's got a nice toasted grain flavor but finishes quite bitter. If I'd rated this beer during the Halloween party I would've given it 110 points and a smiley face with a plus sign, it really hit the spot.

That just about sums up my Halloween this year, good friends and bad beer. Actually, that pretty much sums up my college years as well...

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