Friday, August 7, 2009

Vinino is Bust

Hearne Christopher is reporting that Vinino in the Power and Light District will be closing next week. I must say that I'm a little disappointed it wasn't Bice Bistro first (just because I predicted its demise at the beginning of the year), but I can live without Vinino as well.

I went to Vinino one time for a drink, didn't eat and never went back. I never even thought about the place again. Hopefully, I'll never think of it again. This marks the second P&L closure this week, Yummo was the first. I can name 7 more places I'd like to see go. I suppose they'll close in time.

Let's hope that something acceptable opens up in the open spot.


  1. It's unfortunate that this is similar to the Famous Dave's closure. I think Hearne posted an update late this afternoon that this is more of a re-model and that it would reopen with some kind of Vinino concept in about 4-5 weeks.

    When is Cordish going to figure out that they need more locally owned established resturants and or um food that is actually GOOD to attract business. Right now other than the live block for over priced drinks with D-bags and skanks on a Friday or Saturday night there is not enough in Power and LIght to draw in the subrban crowd on the weeknights.

  2. I read that a little differently. I read it that Vinino will be no more. The new place may be similar to Vinino but will not be called Vinino or have the same menu.

  3. I read that it will reopen as Vinino's Pizza Bar.

  4. Is that their attempt to make up for cock blocking Old Chicago?

  5. Actually I heard that it was the flying saucer who objected to old chicago coming in. They claimed it was against their contract/agreement for them to bring in another place with similar offerings. Saucer and Old Chicago both offering a large amount of beer to choose from.