The DLC beat me to Swagger (8431 Wornall) and posted an excellent review of it. While his blog focuses on the food, and the food looks and sounds great, I'm more concerned about the 42 taps.

I heard about Swagger at the Boulevard luncheon I went to and was encouraged to go. It's a really great beer bar and the owners really care about presenting good beer to go with good food I was told. Unfortunately for me, I just don't get over to Waldo very often and definitely don't get south of 75th on Wornall, so I still haven't had a chance to get over there.

But they do have Tank 7 on tap and 41 other beers chosen with care by someone who cares about their beer selection. Once I get over there I will have to add it to my (thankfully) growing list of great beer bars which includes Harry's Country Club, The Flying Saucer, The Foundry, Westside Local, Waldo Pizza Tap Room and Grinders.

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