Monday, August 3, 2009

Surly Tour

I made it known that I consider Surly the beer of the future. The beer trip crew actually hit up Surly and got a tour from the owner and founder, Omar. I so wish I would have done some research before we went to Minnesota so that tour could have been mine.


  1. We are on a quick Royals-Twins inspired trip to Minnesota and I decided I can't leave the Gopher State without trying a Surly, especially after reading your April post. I have been to 2 liquor stores in Eagan and both said Surly was recently bought out and now only available on tap at a few bars in St. Paul. Can anyone confirm this or help in my search of a Surly Cynic? In the meantime I picked up some Premium Grain Belt and Summit EPA.

  2. I don't think Surly was bought out. If you are still in Minny, try Zipps Liquor. It's downtown near the Metrodome. Also before the game, you can go to Grumpy's which is about 3 blocks from the Metrodome. They have several Surlys on tap. Don't order the Cuban sandwich, but do order the jalapeno poppers.

    Remain calm, your Surly dreams can come true.