Tuesday, August 25, 2009

KC's Super Sweet 16

The 75th St Brewery is celebrating their 16 year anniversary this week. I generally tend to avoid 16-year olds with a prior history of burning sensations, but 75th is still going strong 2.5 years after the Kennedy's fire. At this point, you've already missed Monday's festivities, but the brewery is featuring events and specials all the way through Sunday. Check out the flier below.

Saturday looks to be the most interesting with a chance to judge the home brew contest from 11 - 6 and a High 5 competition starting at 10PM. Local blogger Dan from Gone Mild won last year's brew competition with his Triple Sugar Tripel.


  1. The homebrew comp sounds awesome but I found out about it WAY too late. You get to win your beer on tap at 75th, a day in the life of a brewer there and your name on a plaque at 75th. The cool part is that your beer would most likely taste better than anything they make. Last years Tripel was pretty good. I like sugary Tripel's (Schlafly).

  2. There's always next year. To your point about 75th, I don't know if it's that my beer palate has just evolved or what, but I seem to remember liking a lot more of their brews before the fire than I do now. I guess it could also have to do with any brewmaster changes along the way.

    I can't say I was a huge fan of the Triple Sugar, but I do love trying the different styles and seeing what inventive things our locals can throw out there. I plan on being their bright and early so I don't risk missing any offerings.

  3. I have yet to find a beer from 75th Street that I find better than so-so. Actually, their stout is OK, but for a brewpub, the beer just isn't there for me.

  4. Thanks for the shout-out, Chimpotle. I totally understand some hesitation on last year's tripel. The scaled-up recipe came out pretty different from what I made. Not better or worse, necessarily, but definitely different. Much thicker and sweeter, with less of a honey taste to it, but more sugar. I think the big difference was the yesst.