Friday, August 14, 2009

KC Beerfest is a brewing

After what seems like a month of checking, I was a little disappointed to have Tony's Kansas City beat me to the KC Beerfest announcement with a promo video that could have been written by the Beer Blog's very own Wes Port.

Turns out the KC Beerfest website still remains stagnant from the 2008 season. My disappointment in the promo video was lifted when I saw a date listed for this year's event, except for the fact that October 15th is a Thursday. I'm not sure even WyCo wants to attract a rooftop full of people willing to drink beer from 1 - 5PM on a weekday.

So I dug some more and found my way to the Legends Shopping Center events calendar with a confirmed date of Saturday, October 17th for the 2009 Beerfest. The Power & Light District calendar makes no reference to having a session booked there as they did last year. We'll share more of the specifics as they come in.


  1. I hear the P&L one will not be until march or april next year. Lets just hope it doesnt try and cross into Parkville Microfest.

  2. Holy balls, that might be the worst promo video I've ever seen.

  3. Take it easy, guys. That video may have been made by a friend of mine! All the promo/art/web/etc work is done for free by one of my friends who works at a big design firm in the Crossroads, and with fewer people doing more work these days... you know how it goes. I'll be volunteering @ the Legends event this year, so I hope it's good. I did the P&L one last year and I had fun.

  4. So how was it? I planned on going until it started pouring and went out to eat instead. Any special brews I missed?....wait, maybe I don't want to know...