Friday, August 28, 2009

Gotta Love Philly

We're not usually in the business of advertising or publicizing beer events outside of KC, but I think you'll understand our thinking on this one.Join the fun!

Eat, Drink and Enjoy at the
2nd annual Philly Oktoberfest,
a celebration of German-style beer and food
in America's Best Beer-Drinking City.

Savor the very best Oktoberfestbier
from Germany.
Enjoy fall-time favorites
from America's best craft brewers,
including pumpkin beer.

Join the fun and hoist a brew
at the historic 23rd Street Armory
(22 S. 23rd, between Market and Chestnut),
home of the First City Troop
of the Pennsylvania Army National Guard.


* Authentic German music!
* Biergarten seating!
* More food!
* More potties!

So if you're in Philly on September 19th, you may want to check out the Oktoberfest. Maybe, just maybe, your server will look like the girl above.


  1. My spank bank is now filled with Deutsche Marks.

  2. der shpanken banken. i've been in love with that gal for years.

  3. I hope that chick has some way to get royalties from that photo. I've seen it reproduced about a million times.

  4. She def should, Lee! I don't think that pic is even iStock Photo or Getty - she's just the best looking one when you Google Oktoberest girl images.

  5. This just makes me pissed that KC is suspending their Oktoberfest this year. I also worry that "suspended" is code for "never coming back".

  6. You had better hit Monk's Cafe if you are in Philly for beer. Mmmm...

  7. yes i agree with a beer sort of girl. if you google Oktoberest girl then you can see this. it is a croped image. it just happens. many companies, to save their money use this type of comments. like i have seen many on the cuban cigar websites. they also do such type of things