President Light

Bud Light? Really? Really? That's what you chose? Really? You couldn't have picked something with taste? You couldn't have picked something interesting? Really? The leader of the free world can't even choose a beer to drink without political consultants? Really? Bud Light is what the consultants chose? Really?

Sorry for that, but the Really? game is kinda fun to play, especially if you've played the game WITH Seth Meyers (or his carbon copy, JJSKCK knows what I'm talking about). Anyway, with the silly game out of the way, I was flabbergasted to read that our President Barack Obama chose to drink Bud Light with Officer Crowley in the "Beer Summit".

I had been mulling over the question of what beer Obama should serve at the "Beer Summit" since KC Beer Blog reader Kyle emailed KC Hop Head and I asking what we would choose. Of course I just happened to be a little busy yesterday (Stella turned 30) so in the words of Jimmy Buffett, I didn't ponder the question too long, I was hungry and went out for a bite.

The beer that was running through my head was Sam Adams Boston Lager. Officer Crowley is from Boston, Sam Adams Lager is a very accessible beer and would be greeted warmly by all parties. I also gave 10 minutes thought to making the case for Andy Dufresne's favorite beer, Boulevard Pilsner but the geography didn't fit. KC Hophead mentioned in his post the Collaboration Not Litigation Ale and I had the same thought, but I don't think anyone would want to hear Bill O'Reilly fume on about the high alcohol content and elitism of such a beer. I definitely think that Sam Adams Boston Lager was the right choice.

All that being said, I think maybe people should spend this time deciding on their own beer selection and worrying less about what's being drank in the White House.

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