Bitchin' Burritos

I’ve moved to Seattle. Yes. Wes Port has left the building. But I have to tell you about my new, favorite bar here in the Pacific Northwest. Ok, so I know this doesn’t really apply to the KC Beer Blog, so here’s the slant... My KC friend, Kodie, spoke highly of this interesting pub from one of her previous trips to the Seattle area. AND, they serve PBR (which people in Kansas City love to drink). Weak links? Well, I’m just sayin’…

Anyhow, I had some difficulty locating the place, but stumbled across it one day while out exploring the Capitol Hill neighborhood near downtown. The name? Bimbo’s Bitchin’ Burrito Kitchen. Perfect name for the perfectly eclectic neighborhood where it’s located. Lot’s of funky, artsy, tattooed, college-aged people. The big draw is the theme, which aside from their main, main-theme, the bitchin’ burritos, is the pretty cool artwork. The place is covered in colorful Mexican wrestler images, masks and beer bottle-top collages. Goes well with Mexican food. Interesting concept. Oh, and their burritos are the size of small children. TASTY! (The burritos, not the kids.)

A few of the beers at the bar include everyone’s favorite PBR, Juneau’s Alaskan beers, Manny’s (a delicious Seattle microbrew), and Rainier, which was historically the main beer brewed in this area. It has, however, been farmed out to Pabst/Miller. The old Rainier brewery, that sits along I-5 south of Safeco Field, has been turned into some sort of commercial development.

Downstairs from Bimbo’s is another unique bar called The Cha-Cha Lounge. It has an island/Hawaiian theme, but seems to play heavy metal over the loudspeaker and draw a wildly pierced and tattooed clientele. Dark bar, lit only with red lights (a bit brothel-esque, but I can assure you, nobody had their pants down besides me).

One place I haven’t found here is a brewery tour with the likes of Boulevard. That truly is one of the Midwest’s greatest treasures. Maybe someday I’ll be able to buy Boulevard here?? (**hint, hint** to my favorite Boulevard peeps...)

Lots of great places to drink in these parts! So, if you ever find yourself on a quick, four-hour flight from KC to Seattle… MUST put Bimbo’s and Cha-Cha’s on your to-do list. Sure, the Space Needle is swell and all, but it doesn’t have Mexican wrestlers.

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