The Case of the Missing Stout

It was a normal evening in the Vard mansion when the mystery began. Stella had picked up a Boulevard variety pack and loaded it into the refrigerator adding to the couple of bottles of Single Wide IPA already there. Over the next couple of days I drank the Bully Porters with hamburgers, drank a couple of Single Wides with some salsa and had a Wheat after I mowed. Stella drank the Lunar Ales and Pale Ales.

One night I simply had to go to bed because I wasn't feeling very well. I had sneezed most of the day and couldn't keep my eyes open. Stella wasn't ready for bed yet and decided to stay up to watch the Real Housewives of New Jersey.

A couple of days later Stella bought another Boulevard variety pack and loaded up the refrigerator. As she was loading it I noticed there was no Boulevard Dry Stout. I hadn't drank them, where could they be. I thought it odd that they weren't there because Stella isn't much of a stout drinker. Where could the stouts have gone?

A. Stella drank them while I was asleep
B. The mailman drank them while I was at work
C. Boulevard puts Single Wide in the variety pack instead of Dry Stout
D. One of the kids drank them

If you guessed B you must know my mailman, but you'd be incorrect. Stella or the kids didn't drink them. C is the correct answer, Dry Stout has been thrown out of the variety pack in lieu of the Single Wide IPA.

I don't know if they will switch it back in the winter months or if this is a permanent change. But I did find it interesting.

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