Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Shoe Fetish

Joyce Smith is reporting that 4 new bars no one will go to are opening up in Village West.
The newly formed venture plans to open the complex in three phases over the next three months. The entities all have shoe-themed names with creative spellings.

The first will be Cleat’z Sportz Bar and Chill, to open May 18. It will be a neighborhood bar and grill with two high-definition 55-inch screens and nine other TVs.

Chris Dressel, formerly the chef behind the Italian menu at Leawood’s Soho 119 boutique, will offer a menu that goes beyond standard bar food — ahi tuna spring rolls, seasame-seared ahi tuna with fresh crisp vegetables wrapped in rice paper and served with cilantro, cream and sweet chili sauces, barbecue slawdogs, whiskey sirloin and Cuban pork sandwiches.

Starting July 1, Cleat’z will turn into a 1980s nightclub after 9 p.m.

The second operation, Flip-Flop’z Beach Bash, will be a top 40 nightclub with a dance floor, two bars, a stage for live shows and a VIP area. It is scheduled to open July 1.

Spur’z Rock N Saloon, a country rock nightclub with a stage for live shows, a big dance floor, three bar areas and VIP areas, also is to open July 1.

Then Stilleto’z, a dueling piano bar/martini bar with DJ booth, dance floor and one main bar, is to open July 17.

It never occurs to me to go out to Village West to get my drink on, and I'm certain that I will never go to one of these 4 places. But for those that are stuck in KCK, these might be right in your wheelhouse.

I'm a little concerned about the shoe theme though. I mean, of all the things to set a theme around, wouldn't shoes be around the 157th best idea? To paraphrase Josh Baskin "What's the fun in playing with shoes, why not make it bugs or something". Unless they're serving drinks in shoes (ewww) I don't get why the shoe theme would be appealing.


  1. The Z on the end of each is a fantastic idea. Bar & Chill? Genius.

  2. I didn't want to pile on too much. I give them 6 months before I read an article mentioning them and the words "closing", "lawsuit", "broken lease", and "unexpected lack of customers".

  3. If 6 months is the betting line on failure, I'll take the under.

    These places are just going into the same conglomeration of bars that already failed once. The Legends overbuilt severely, and it's a dreadful place to go drink because a) few people live anywhere near there, and b) those few go to Danny's across the street.

    Bottom line? The lease rates there are far too high for all those food and drink establishments to exist on their Friday-Sunday crowds. There is little foot traffic during the week and NO foot traffic at lunch time.

  4. It doesn't take a lot of business sense to note that clubs and drinking establishments that are 100% non-accessible via foot or public transportation in an era where DUIs can just about ruin a person isn't going to amount to high dollar sales volume. But what do I know?

    When did our society forget how to build neighborhoods with bars that were really in the neighborhood?

  5. Brent, when the government decided to subsidize big developments and abuse eminent domain.

    JJS, I'm giving them 6 months because I think they'll last through the warm months. But nobody will want to go out there on the cold November nights. I may be underestimating people's hatred of this shoe concept though.