How Not to do a Beer Tasting

I don't know what this lady's schtick is and at the end of the day I don't value her beerpinion, but you simply don't hold a beer tasting in this way. Wes and I are not beer experts and try to eschew any opportunity to be held up as beer experts. We like beer and I like to try any beer I can get my hands on. If I want to get the aroma, I will pour it in a glass. If I want to judge taste, I will drink it from a glass. If I want to give it a review, I will drink a whole bottle to be fair. I don't hold a beer tasting where I drink 5 beers from bottles in 10 minutes and rarely, if ever, do I ask a dummy his opinion.

All of that being said, she was entertaining, which I guess is what she's shooting for, and she was talking about beer and notably our hometown beer. She's got a whole bunch of beer tasting videos on YouTube but also covers other topics including one exalting the greatness that is Glenn Beck (and I think she's serious, but it could very well be a parody, I can't figure Glenn Beck people out). I really only watched this because it was about Boulevard and she kind of looks like Chimpotle when he cross dresses.

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