Saturday Afternoon Bar-hopping

Our day of debauchery began around 2:30 in the afternoon with a trip to The Cellar Rat for a quick wine-tasting, where we enjoyed one of the best Malbecs ever to cross the lips of humankind. That moment of bliss sent our group of three (Weston, Chambord, and myself) off on a whirlwind tour of bar-hopping, that actually only ended up including three other bars, so I guess it wasn’t much of a whirlwind--rather whirlpool--of beer and drunken fun.

Stop number one, was the Bristol Seafood Grill in the Power & Light District. I’ve only been one other time, for a drink, but this time we were going to have some food with our beverages. It was 3:00 pm and the doors had just opened for the day. We were the first souls inside the restaurant, so our options for seating were pretty much open. Naturally, as any good drunks would, we headed straight for the bar.

We all enjoyed beers from the tap, which weren’t anything spectacular, unless you consider Stella, Sam Adams, and Guinness unique and exciting. We paired those with petite appetizers with huge-ass prices. I think our tab was nearly $80 for a few drinks and 4-5 small “starters” to nibble amongst ourselves. Don’t get me wrong—the food was exceptional. Just pricey and tiny. I probably wouldn’t go back to dine, as I’m not too terribly heavy on the wallet side most of the time…and I prefer to get a little more for my money. Chambord says she always will err with quality over quantity, but damn, sometimes a boy's gotta eat!

Stop number two takes us, of course, to The Flying Saucer. Our favorite downtown spot for beers, now that Tanner’s has long-since gone the way of the dodo. Chambord and Weston each had a pull from the tap; I was feeling like a surprise, so I asked the waitress to kindly choose five “amazing beers” of her choice for a sampler. It was just like Christmas! I was so excited!! Betty, that’s what we’ll call her, didn’t disappoint. She brought me a tray with five, ok maybe four, exceptional beers. I wasn’t too fond of the pear cider, which had the aftertaste of a wax candle. But the other four beers offered a very nice variety. I especially enjoyed the Left Hand Stout. I mean, come on. Anything with your left hand’s gotta be good! I would wholeheartedly recommend asking your waitress to bring you a surprise tray of sampler beers the next time you hit up the Saucer.

We played two games of (real) darts and then headed out for our next bar, with a quick stop-in at CostCo to get our hands around a $1.50 sausage. I felt so durty. But oh well, we were still hungry after our billion-dollar kibbles and bits over at Bristol.

Stop number three took us to Crosstown Station, the bar we hardly visit enough. Again, we find ourselves to be the only people in the bar, except for a few lonely guys setting up for a stage show. We had some beers from the tap—I had PBR, of course---and Chambord ran out to the truck to grab Uno Attack! Can’t imagine a better way to enjoy my Pabst, than with a raucous game of Uno Attack. By the time we’d finished a couple games, the bar had started to fill with band-like groupies. The stage had been set and the musicians were tuning their tools. I’m glad the P&L hasn’t yet scared off this unique local bar. We need more people to get out there and support the little guys to keep our hometown charm somewhat in tact…

To top-off the evening, I went home and threw up. Have I really become THAT much of a lightweight?! I'm blaming the sausage.

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