Thursday, March 12, 2009

John's Big Deck is OPEN for bidness!

Good news, downtowners! A little bird told me tonight that the beloved Big Deck is re-opening FRIDAY under new management. Their liquor license is good-to-go, and the place has been spiffed-up.

I understand that there will be a "limited menu," sanded and polished floors, a remodeled kitchen, a freshly-painted stage area on the upper deck, and black felt pool tables on the middle floor. The little bird told me that, "it hasn't been this clean in fifty years!"

I'll be there (in line) at 10:00 AM.


  1. I love me a big deck!

  2. I hope they worked on the bathrooms, too!

  3. I hope the menu isn't TOO limited, they were one of my favorite lunch spots.

  4. One of my friends had lunch there there other day. There were only about 10 items on the menu, but that they would be restoring most of the full menu after everyone is fully trained.