Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bringing Breweries to Missouri

Mike over at STL Hops had a poll recently asking his readers which breweries they would like to see in STL (like typical St. Louisians they didn't care about the rest of Missouri) and the top three were Dogfish Head, Russian River and Stone. You may quibble with their St. Louis tastes (such as the abomination that is St. Louis pizza), but those would be 3 welcome additions to the KC beer scene.

So Mike is asking his readers to write to the breweries and ask them to come to Missouri. I think a couple of well placed emails might actually put Missouri in these breweries' plans. The emails are below.

If you're really interested in Dogfish Head and haven't joined my Facebook group Bring Dogfish Head to Missouri, you only have yourself to blame. Do it now.


  1. Russian River makes great IPAs but other than that I think we would never see a lot of their more interesting beers anyway and their experimentation is what I like about them.

    Stone yes.

    I would take Moylan's over Russian River from the left coast and probably Founder's and many others over Dogfish Head from East of the Rockies.

    What are those babies in St. Louis crying about anyway, they an get Dogfish Head and Stone by driving 5 minutes into Illinois.

    I would prefer more good beer actually be brewed here. AB was nice enough to give us the lowest beer tax in the country and we have, frankly, a pretty weak beer production scene to show for it.

  2. John - apparently we should be seeing Moylan's soon: http://thewineandcheeseplace.blogspot.com/2009/03/exciting-beersin-stock.html

  3. We take comments/raves/rabid demands very seriously. It actually does influence our patterns quite a bit. So far, we've hopped over MO because, quite frankly, other states/regions of the country have been more vocal.

    More vocal = Higher on the "Get There!" list. I know we're complicated with our formulas, aren't we!


    Greg Koch
    Stone Brewing Co.

  4. Greg, you can tell us the truth here. You're not in Missouri because you hate St. Louis. It's okay, we do too most of the time. Just don't punish the whole state for the sins of St. Louis.

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  6. Moylan's in MO is awesome. That place is great.

    I'll have to be vocal about the Stone.

    I do get Stone semi-regularly, it is so well distributed and my wife and I both travel a bit for work. Moylan's has never been in my home except for the one time I bought some at the pub and brought it back.

    Draft Stone would be great. If Barley's puts an Arrogant Bastard and Ruination handle next to the Hop Rod Rye and Racer 5, I may have to quit my job.

  7. Yeah Russian River and Dogfish were the two that came immediately to mind.