Saturday, March 7, 2009

Aluminum Revisited

I decided to do some extensive investigative work to research Boulevard's decision to use aluminum bottles. It turns out they are using bottles because they work on the new bottling line, cans do not.
Regarding cans versus bottles, the decision to go with bottles was because they worked with our new bottling line — a rather large investment for the brewery. The addition of a separate canning line was cost-prohibitive, and there is no space in our current facility that could accommodate one. This option was also preferred because of the move to 16 vs. 12-ounces for large venues.

It is true we had a posting in our FAQ regarding cans, though after years of technology improvements can/bottle liners, sustainability awareness and other business factors, aluminum became a viable — and more acceptable — option for our beers to reach more consumers.

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  1. Hey I think the aluminum bottle thing is fine. I'm no dyed in the wool traditionalist.

    As a can proponent, their FAQ mildly rubbed me the wrong way and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to criticize them.

    I am glad they are willing to abandon tradition when there are good reasons to do so. Traditional beer in the US is a pilsner with maize in it. I'm glad that we aren't slaves to tradition.