Friday, February 6, 2009

Weston Leapin' Leprechaun

I've long since given up on Weston Brewing putting out any kind of good products. So I'm leaving the review to Jason Preu and his mad rhymin' skills with the poem "Indeed, indeed I cannot tell". If you're not into poetry you can check out Chimpo's review, the Liver Sacrifice. As for me, I'm going to be concentrating on quality over local.


  1. I definitely like the IDEA of their beer much better than the actual beer.

  2. Apparently they are now turning out the Flying Monkey brews

  3. The intersection of quality and (quasi) local is Free State in Lawrence. That place is, running away, the superstar of the area.

    The seasonal Emancipation Ale they have on now is unreasonably good. Everything they make is good. Reminds me of some of my beloved West Coast Brewpubs (Pelican, Moylan's, Bear Republic, Russian River etc) except that in addition to being consistently very good or better they sell their pints really cheap. We have a hard time spending $40 there for two of us.

    The Owd Mac imperial stout absolutely blew my mind and I typically dislike whiskey barrel aged beer.

  4. i was really surprised at how undrinkable the two beers (irish cream ale being the other) i had were. they can't be this bad from the brewpub proper...can they?