Urthel Trippel

After a long weekend of cleaning and hosting a birthday party, I decided to give myself a treat Sunday night. I popped open an Urthel Hibernus Quentum Trippel to drink while we watched "Swing Vote" on DVD.

Since Wes started this blog I'll bet I've had 5 beers that were foreign and I don't think I've written about one of them except Stella Artois. I don't ever even look at the foreign beer section in the liquor store. It just doesn't interest me, probably because I have trouble remembering the names. But, I just think that American microbrews are more interesting and I enjoy being able to remember the names. But, since I got a whole bunch of foreign beers for free, I can take the time to drink them, uninteresting or not.

My newly minted 4 year old girls were busy playing Barbie swimming pool while I poured and pictured the Urthel. It looked like slightly more golden Boulevard Wheat when poured and had that wonderful belgian aroma of spicyness and yeast. The taste was just what you're looking for in a trippel. While I enjoy Boulevard's Long Strange Trippel more, the Urthel is strong competition and might even be a little better for some flavor seekers.

As far as "Swing Vote" goes, I kind of enjoyed it. I know that I shouldn't have and I know that it's popular to make fun of Kevin Costner. But I like Costner and I like movies that show politicians for the scum that they actually are (yes, all of them). While the premise of the movie is a little far fetched, I think the message that politicians have no real morals, they only seek to win elections is sound and fun to explore.

Of course that could be the 9% alcohol in a 25 oz. bottle talking. I don't mind saying that the alcohol, while barely noticeable in the taste, did it's work in my head. By the time that Dennis Hopper decided to sell immigrants down the river, I was pretty loaded. And by the time that Kevin Costner came to the faulty conclusion that the best way to make a difference is to vote, I didn't care too much to argue that voting doesn't really matter. I was ready for bed.

While we were getting ready for bed I noticed how my girls had left their Barbies by the pool. One Barbie had her ponytail floating in the pool with the other laying kind of underneath her. Ken was sitting in the lifeguard tower with his pant unbuttoned admiring the view with his pants unbuttoned. I can only imagine the action that Ken got to wear those Barbies out like that. That's a movie I'd like to see while drinking another Urthel Trippel.

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