Boulevard Imperial Stout

Boulevard's newest Smokestack beer is out and in some stores. You may have to do some searching/calling around to find some this weekend but by next week every liquor store should have a case or so. Oregon Amy bought out Royal Liquors on State Line and is reporting that Gomer's in midtown didn't have any yet (but Gomer's midtown did just locate 5 cases of Saison-Brett that I don't think they will still have on Monday).

Boulevard gave Wes and I (and every other beer blogger in town) a bottle of this stout last year so I have tasted it and like it. Amy has a review and she says it is her favorite of the Boulevard lineup of beers. Now's the time to stock up.

As we always do around here, give us a shout out where you found some, how much is left and how much you paid.

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