Caddy Shack - The One Where Wes Fell out of a Chair

So there we were in the River Market, walking to Caddy Shack. I had put my coat in my car, so I was just left wearing the sweater I had on. Everyone else was appropriately clothed for the weather. It was pitch black out at this time of night and we had 4 urban blocks to cover. Not mentioned earlier was the fact that Abbey Ale had concluded she broke her foot earlier in the week and she didn't realize it until she put on her boots, which she was very proud. Along for the walk were Wes, Weston, Stella, Muddy Mo, Abbey Ale and myself.
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It was a cold walk, the afternoon sun was long gone and there was a chilly wind coming in. In addition to the cold, it was desolate, I'm not sure if you've ever been on the east end of the River Market, but there's very little there at 8 O'clock on a Friday. We didn't see another sole on the way to Caddy Shack. Along the way was the famous Le Fou Frog, I wasn't aware of it's actual location and had never before seen it. Abbey Ale decided to go in and ask for the meaning of Fou. This delayed our walk. At one point we had to walk underneath an overpass. I was pretty sure this was going to be the sight of Live, Late Breaking news crew later in the evening noting the fatal stabbing of 6 white idiots. Somehow we made it to the other side and caught sight of Caddy Shack. It was a bit like seeing an oasis in the desert, it didn't matter what it looked like, it just looked safe and warm. Caddy Shack is a nondescript white building with beer signs in the middle of nowhere.

We walked in and were greeted by loud music and quite a rollicking crowd. The bar is separated into 2 seating areas. The area with the entrance was rather small and the other area was a bit of a game room with a couple of pool tables. We sat in the are with the pool tables for no other reason than it had an empty table, something that was in short supply at the Caddy Shack. I found out they had PBR on tap so I went with that, I think everyone else got a Guinness except Stella who knew she was on drive patrol for everyone.

As we were drinking a lady came by offering birthday cake. I'm racking my brain but I don't recall being offered birthday cake in a bar on a Friday night. Abbey Ale actually grabbed a piece and proclaimed it the best cake ever. She was so excited she went over to the lady who offered the cake and sat down to talk to her. I have no idea what they talked about but I'm pretty sure Abbey Ale is going to be celebrating Christmas with them. In any case, she returned with 3 more pieces of cake, and I must say it was pretty good.

Then the night took a turn for the funny. As I was watching a Giants-Cowboys game from week 16 of 1994 on one of the big screen tv's I saw out of the corner of my eye an arm fly up in the air and as I looked down I realized that Wes had tipped over in his chair (which was one of those high top swivel chairs) and was laying on the floor of the bar. I don't recall ever laughing as hard as I was at that moment. I don't think anyone at our table was even able to speak for the next 5 minutes because of the laughter. The fall did not go unnoticed amongst others at the bar. The guys playing pool also got a nice chuckle from the fall. I have a feeling it will be a topic of conversation amongst patrons of the Caddy Shack for weeks to come.

Shortly after the fall, Wes decided to walk home. Muddy Mo joined him for the walk. Meanwhile, Abbey, Weston and I had another round. A problem arose because Abbey bought a drink for Stella who was done drinking for the night. This meant that I was going to have to drink it. Those 2 beers in the last round really put me over the top. I can't imagine that Abbey was in any way sober, but it's hard to tell with her because she's kind of crazy when she's sober. The same is true with Weston. Luckily everyone lived within walking distance from Caddy Shack but everyone still had good healthy walks.

We set upon our way. We had no sign of the warmth of earlier in the day, it was really cold. Abbey could only walk about half a block at a time without resting. Unlike on our walk over we did see one guy on our walk back and I think we all thought we were about to be mugged. He appeared from behind a dark building wearing all black and he cut across a vacant lot headed right toward us. Not until he was right upon us were we able to see his badge which was a gigantic relief. No mugging for us. Weston peeled off a couple of blocks from Harry's because he lives in the River Market. Abbey Ale, Stella and I finished the walk/hobble without incident. Abbey Ale then said “I think I'm just going to go to the ER.”

Now that is a fun night. The following morning was a little less fun.

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