Buffalo Wild Wings, Or Bust?

So, I was bored and in the mood to eat some Buffalo Wild Wings this afternoon. I had a little Christmas shopping to do and decided to hit Big Box Mart in Liberty before heading to the bar. I was surprised that the store wasn’t more crowded, since it was Sunday afternoon and the weather was fairly nice.

The parking lot of BWW was a different story, however, and was completely jam-packed (as it should have been with the games on and all). I guess I was expecting to find an open bar stool, but instead found very little floor-space to even stand. There was so little floor space in fact, that it was difficult to even meander my way into the bar area. I gazed around, and it took only five seconds to turn and walk out. I wasn’t in the mood to fight anyone for a spot at the bar – I only wanted beer, and that was my ultimate goal. Besides, I left my boxing gloves at home. The BWW challenge was too complicated today.

In pulling out of the adjacent parking lot, I turned north at the stoplight at Flintlock and crossed highway 152 heading toward Chicago Uno next to Target. I know, I know… “Chicago Uno?!” Yeah, it was the only place that caught my eye—either that or Chili’s. I needed a beer so badly; I would’ve gone to Taco Bell if they’d had a bar.

The parking lot of Uno was fairly empty, and the bar even more so. In fact, I was the only person in the bar, besides the blonde bartender. I sat right down, only having to nudge the flanking barstool out of the way a bit. “What can I get ya?” she asked me. My typical response (as is Bull’s) was, “Do you have any beer specials?” I was surprised that they actually did on a Sunday afternoon… “Two-dollar domestic bottles,” she replied. Man, I was getting one-on-one attention and cheap beer to boot! It was probably a good thing I ended up at Chicago’s after all! Since it was so slow at the bar, I was tempted to ask her for a massage with a "happy ending" but thought I shouldn't push my luck.

I think I had two Bud Light Limes (Bull, don’t laugh), one Miller 64 (which was new to me—and tasted an awful lot like dirty tap water), and a Coor’s Light (which my best friend, Ward Parkway always likes to order—and for as much as he drinks, he probably has some stock in Coor’s, the beer with the “taste of the Rockies.”)

I was actually pleased with my surprising choice of afternoon bars! I enjoyed Blonde Betty, her services, and the quiet atmosphere at Chicago Uno. Hope it doesn’t go out of business like everything else—I just may to back…

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