Beer Blogging Outsourced

The holidays season always means a crushing workload to me. I work 80 hours a week, stress about work the other 40 hours I'm awake and on my days off I celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's. That's about it unless I get some sweet Neil Diamond tickets. Well now that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, I find that other blogs are looking to fill the beer void left by me these last couple of weeks.

Dan at Gone Mild has had a great beer blogging week starting with his brew being tapped at 75th Street Brewery and ending with a story (I'd been holding onto it until I had a chance to write up something nice) about a new brewery in town, Dead Canary. As Dan notes, Dead Canary is owned and operated by two women and they plan on opening a tap room. I was excited to learn last night about the beer pong leagues and dodgeball contests they plan on having in their tap room. I plan on being a regular fixture at the Dead Canary taproom (until they get tired of having me around) and am looking forward to trying their brews.

Then, this morning I read that Chimpotle wrote a beer review about, apparently, the only worthwhile export of Manhattan, KS, the Tallgrass IPA. I've actually seen Chimpotle fellate a hop (among other things/people) before so I'm not that surprised he likes an IPA.

Because of the busyness of this particular holiday season I missed out on the great beer bloggers summit with Lee and Bad Ben at 75th Street Brewery. This year Oregon Amy from the Worthog (and frequent KC Beer Blog commenter) joined the group. Maybe next year the newest KC beer bloggers, KC Hop Head and Liquid Diet, will join the group (probably only if they start commenting on posts here so Lee knows who they are).

My last order of business on this blog this year is to thank all of our readers, commenters and followers. I should also note that I think I'm due to a promotion in the hot pickle ranks in KC since the hottest pickle, Erin, is leaving for DC, so I've got that going for me. Thanks for reading.

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