Nutcracker is in stores now!

I was so excited to see Nutcracker Ale, I caused a minor stir at Tipsy's in Mission. I had chosen a different beer but then I saw the Nutcracker Ale sixer displayed and asked if they really had it or if the display was just a coming soon type thing. They had it, but didn't have it in the refrigerator doors. So not only did I teabag the beer, I'm also the first to buy it from Tipsy's.

A small change was made to the Nutcracker labels on each bottle. On the neck label last year they listed every employee of Boulevard. Well now that Boulevard has gotten so big, the font got too small to even read anymore. So they came up with a new plan, each neck label has one Boulevard employee written on it (in "beautiful" font Stella tells me, yes she does know font names from one look, don't even get her started on Comic Sans). So each bottle is different, you should try to collect a whole set. I got 2 Elizabelth Beldens in my 2 sixers. I'll trade you for a John McDonald.

It's time to repeat my ode to Nutcracker.
With a name like Nutcracker
I didn't think I'd be a backer
Yet, I love thee so
I get pretty low
When you're no longer around

Our time together is so short
I never get bored
With your wonderful taste
that is caramel based
I drink with too much haste.

Ooh, Nutcracker I do love you
And you love me too
You treat me right
We never fight
Even when there's too many of you in a night.

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