If you want to do something fun tonight check out 75th Street Brewery.
75th Street Brewery's going old school with

Dick & Jane's Backyard Ale

Monday, October 27th @ 11am

Grab a bite and a pint of Dick & Jane's Backyard Ale at the Brewery Monday and you'll find fresh flavor that longtime friends and mug club members Dick & Jane Brummel have harvested in their own backyard.

Dick & Jane's Backyard Ale is a frontrunner. A friendship of local hops [from Brummel & Brewery], this good time ale is pale in color with an amazing fresh flavor and aroma.

Can't firkin believe it? Good news - we're tapping a firkin keg of Dick & Jane's TODAY [Friday the 24]. So kickoff the weekend in good company - at the brewery.

Cheers from Cris & Nick

75th Street Brewers

I love a good firkin, but I can't make it to 75th Street this weekend. I'm sure by the time I get there they won't have any firkin left.

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