Friday, October 24, 2008


If you want to do something fun tonight check out 75th Street Brewery.
75th Street Brewery's going old school with

Dick & Jane's Backyard Ale

Monday, October 27th @ 11am

Grab a bite and a pint of Dick & Jane's Backyard Ale at the Brewery Monday and you'll find fresh flavor that longtime friends and mug club members Dick & Jane Brummel have harvested in their own backyard.

Dick & Jane's Backyard Ale is a frontrunner. A friendship of local hops [from Brummel & Brewery], this good time ale is pale in color with an amazing fresh flavor and aroma.

Can't firkin believe it? Good news - we're tapping a firkin keg of Dick & Jane's TODAY [Friday the 24]. So kickoff the weekend in good company - at the brewery.

Cheers from Cris & Nick

75th Street Brewers

I love a good firkin, but I can't make it to 75th Street this weekend. I'm sure by the time I get there they won't have any firkin left.


  1. I gotta be honest, not a fan of 75th Street at all. I went there last night specifically to try their pumpkin beer and it was aweful. It didn't taste bad, it actually smelled pretty good, but it was like midly flavored pumpkin water. Thin, flat & uninspired. McCoy's beers smoke 75th St. And speaking of pumpkin beers, the Southern Tier Pumking Ale is out of this world! In fact, every Southern Tier beer I've had has been a 10/10 in there respective styles. Very interested to try their Creme Brulee Milk Stout...

  2. I agree with you about their pumpkin beer, as I wrote last year Next up I decided to try the pumpkin. I'm trying to talk myself into liking pumpkin beer, but I don't really. I don't think the flavor matches up well with beer making it a very difficult beer to get to taste right. Sad to say, 75th Street Brewery was not up to the challenge. It tasted weak, like it was a small brew (made from the second runnings of a full bodies beer mash). The pumpkin really distracted me from the other flavors so I can't accurately describe them. But, I do know, the other flavors weren't that good either. Stay away from the pumpkin Charlie Brown.
    I like the vibe better at 75th Street, the beers are about equal, in my mind, to McCoys.

    I haven't seen Southern Tier anywhere. I'm going to have to try that out.

  3. Ha! Nice! Good to know we're on the same page. :)

  4. I even have Monday off. Maybe have to bop in there for a sip in the afternoon. 75th st. is somewhat limited compared to mccoy's and mcc's Sunday thru Thursday night deal ($2 pints after 10pm) is a freakin' steal. However, it doesn't take me 5 min. to bike to McCoy's. and man I love being the youngest person in the bar at 75th st.