Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Lakefront Brewery Variety Pack

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I was going to pick up a variety pack of Lakefront Brewery's brews. Well, I did it and loved it. It was a true variety pack of 8 with 8 different beers. I was a little bummed because I tend not to like coffee beers and cherry beers, so I thought I was only going to get a couple of beers I would enjoy. But, the cherry beer (a cherry lager) was actually pretty good with very little cherry flavor and the coffee beer (a coffee stout) was excellent, perhaps the best coffee flavored beer I've had.

Also included was a Cattail Ale, which is a mild golden ale that was wonderful. It reminded me of a belgian white with a little citrus flavor, perfect for the summer months. The Organic ESB was fine, nothing to get too excited about, but I feel that way about most ESB's. My favorite of the bunch was the Riverwest Stein Beer, an all malt amber lager. The maltiness of the brew was wonderful. The pilsner was very good, but, you know, a pilsner and the dark lager was pretty good.

Overall, a successful variety pack and highly recommended. My favorite part of it, though, is my email thread with my college friend who lives in Milwaukee.
Strohs: Excellent article about Thursday's Packers game. (we're both Packer fans)
Me: Are you a fan of Lakefront beers. I'm drinking a Riverwest right now.
Strohs: I have never heard of Lakefront. Where is it from?
Me: Milwaukee, it's a brewpub.
Strohs: Wow, I work downtown and we go out occassionally downtown and have never heard of it. Now I have plans for tonight.

I'm glad that Strohs is really plugged into his community.


  1. Lakefront is pretty good. My ex BIL lives in Milwaukee and would bring me some from time to time. I guess (a few years ago, at least), they would give you full glasses of "samples" when you took the brewery tour, so you could stumble out of there if you were so inclined!

  2. I don't care for coffee at all, but I found Blind Tiger Brewery's Java Porter to be outstanding. I stopped by there on my trip across Kansas. I never thought I would find something like that in Topeka. www.BlindTiger.com