Thursday, September 11, 2008

KC BeerFest

It's almost time for KC BeerFest. This year there's 2 of them; September 27 in the Power and Light and October 18 at the Legends. Hopefully they're better organized than last year. Participants this year,
KC Beerfest participating brewery/beers

* 1809 Berliner-style Weiss
* 23rd Street Brewery
* Amstel
* Avery
* Bard’s Tale
* Black Sheep Ale
* Blanche de Namur
* Bohemia
* Boston Beer (Sam Adams)
* Boulder
* Boulevard Brewing Company
* Breckenridge
* Brewery Ommegang
* Bridgeport
* Carlsberg
* Carta Blanca
* Cooper’s
* Coors Brewing Company
* Corona
* Dos Equis
* Duchy English Ale
* Duvel
* Elephant
* Export 33
* Great Divide
* Grupo Modelo
* Guinness
* Hacker Pschorr
* Hardcore Cider
* Harp
* Harviestoun
* Heineken
* High Falls Brewing Company
* Hitachino
* Holy Grail Ale
* Klaster
* Krebs Brewing Company
* Labatt
* Leinenkuegel’s
* Little Kings
* Lost Coast
* Mackeson
* Miller Brewing Co.
* Modelo
* Moosehead
* New Belgium
* North Coast
* O’Dell’s
* O’Fallon Brewery
* Pacifico
* Peroni
* Red Stripe
* Rockies Brewing
* Rodenbach
* Saint Louis Brewery (Schlafly)
* Sapporo
* Sol
* Spanish Peaks
* Spoetzl Brewery
* St. Pauli Girl
* St. Peter's
* Steinlager
* Strongbow Cider
* Tallgrass Brewing Company
* Tecate
* Triple Moine
* Tsing Tao
* Weston Brewing Company
* Whitbread
* Woodchuck Cider
* Woodpecker Cider
* Wychwood
* Xingu
Tickets are $40 for both sessions or $25 for one session. For all the douches out there, I don't think you'll be able to get a Bud Light in the bottle at the Power and Light brewfest. For all the KCK folks, I don't think they will have Hamm's or Busch Light in the can at the Legends brewfest.


  1. What? Where is KC's Local Alternative???? Flying Monkey.
    Are they still in business?????

  2. I bet they'll have PBR in a plastic cup!


  3. And for all you JoCo folks, just drink whatever your wife tells you to drink, and try not to earn a DUI on the 40 mile drive back to your plastic house...

  4. I am a doctor and volunteer seeing patients @ KC Free, one of the causes the money raised goes to. i will be serving beers on Saturday at KCP&L, so I hope it goes well. I wasn't able to attend or volunteer last year. What kind of problems were there?

  5. The event last year was not laid out very well, was crowded, vendors didn't have enough beer and just a poor experience overall. I tried to find a link detailing it, but I couldn't find one.

    KC Free sounds like a great charity, good luck!

  6. So you were trying to find the link on my review of it? You can't talk smack if you didn't even go last year.

    I will be hitting up the Legends event.

  7. Yes, I was looking for your recap, what of it?